Support CJ Palmer

Donate Here(Link to GoFundMe)

Most of you will now CJ as the transwoman and sex worker who arrived at a booking to be arrested and given a HIV diagnosis by Police then held in a male prison. I know Cj as one of the kindest, beautiful people I have ever had the privilege to meet and call a friend.

I met CJ after she was released on bail to my best firends house. My bestie is a single mother ans sex worker. She has been my biggest support over the last ten years.

These two individuals are always there to help others. Since her release CJ has provided peer support for many sex workers who fear facing similar circumstances if they engage with testing services. CJ is the person, who despite the fuckery that has been her life over the last 18 onths has put her own shit on hold to hug me as i dealt with the the comparitively small chaos in my life. CJ is the woman who helps my bestie get her kid to school, provides comedic relief in the face of these dark times and cooks awesome dinners for my chosen family. My bestie is a single mother who has taken in CJ’s mum (super thanks to you guys for getting her over here) and CJ, supported CJ financially, provided me and countless others a shoulder to cry on, supported our dreams and advocated for sex worker rights always.

However since CJ’s release late last year my bestie has had the financial stress of another person in her home. Following family deaths requiring international travel, changes to childcare arrangements and emergency house repairs my besties savings have evaporated and her working availability has dramatically decreased.

I am asking each of you to support us in supporting our communtity. Ensure these two gorgeous women have a roof over their heads, electricity, food and access to health care. Donate to the gofundme, share it if you are not in a position to donate. These two people are invaluable members of the sex worker community. Lets support them not with thoughts and prayers but by decreasing the anxiety around paing the bills.

Despite facing terrible adversity CJ is remaining in good spirits. Lets work together to show her the support we have for her. Please share! Please Donate!



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