Change is in the air….

Hello all, we know it has been epically quiet on the SWEAR front his year. We have been rebuilding, restructuring and discovering our move forward. We have been focused heavily on peer support and healing within our community after the chaos of the last few years.

With all that said exciting change is in the air. I won’t spoil too much, as it is my role here to announce that I am stepping down from the SWEAR governance team. I will remain a mentor to the fabulous people stepping up.

As the sole remaining founding member this has been a difficult decision. From our very first informal meeting in 2011 until now, and I am sure long into the future, SWEAR has held a special place in my heart. The skills I learnt through this volunteer advocacy and peer support role,, my fellow workers and the amazing governance team have prepared me to tackle other career goals.

As I recently got married and am working in the muggle world a lot, I feel it is the time to hand the baton on to the amazing sexy workers of today. I can’t wait for them to introduce what they have in store for you!!

I shall catch you around a social event or on my personal social media. Be kind to the new team and continue  to fight for the decriminalisation of sex work, to challenge the stigma and be the amazing people you are!




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