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Join our managing committee! The 2018/2019 Managing Committee will be elected at the SWEAR AGM on Thursday 29th of November at 11am. Please contact us for more information.

Download the SWEAR Managing Committee Terms of Reference

To nominate for a position please contact SWEAR

Positions available:

Chair:  Responsible for providing leadership and direction to the committee. To act as a source for advice Reports to Committee

President:  Acts as a spokesperson for the Committee. Acts as a liaison with organisations. Reports to Committee

Secretary:  Responsible for maintaining accurate records of SWEAR’s activities, members and the Committee meetings. Reports to the Committee

Treasurer: Responsible for keeping accurate financial records and grant applications
Reports to Committee

Events Coordinator: Responsible for the planning and development of events,  education and consultation. Reports to the President

Policy Officer: Responsible for development of policies, position statements and submissions, with consultation of members and support of the Committee. Reports to the President

Marketing Coordinator: Responsible for the marketing, promotions and online presence of SWEAR. Reports to the President

General Member: (No less than one (1) member and no more than three (3) general
members may sit on the Committee at one time) Responsible for representing the sex
worker community. Reports to the Committee

Male Representative: Responsible for consultation, connection and representation of the Male Sex Worker Community Reports to President


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