Mission Statement

People for Sex Worker Rights in Western Australia are a sex worker activist group campaigning for law reform of the sex industry in this state. We are current and former sex workers and those who support us, friends and allies. We reserve the decision making committee to sex workers only, however we welcome anyone who would like to contribute to our cause and support our goals.

We seek to replace the current complicated Western Australian legal approach to sex work with full decriminalisation of the industry, as currently exists in New South Wales and in New Zealand. We recognize that decriminalisation is the legislative approach that has the best evidence based outcomes for sex workers’ health and safety, and is fiercely supported not only by sex workers here and elsewhere in Australia, but around the world.

We also aim for social change, moving towards a day when sex workers are not discriminated against because of our occupation, and when we will no longer need to hide for being a present or past sex worker. We believe that the first step in this battle is through law reform, and preventing the state from making our lives worse through law; however, we also seek to challenge media representations when and where sex worker issues are being discussed without sex workers’ voices.

If you want to get involved in our campaigns, please contact us – we can be reached via email at peopleforsexworkerrightsinwa@outlook.com, Facebook, Twitter,  or Tumblr.

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