SWEAR – Sex Work; Education, Advocacy and Rights

SWEAR is WA’s only completely peer sex worker organisation.

We seek the decriminalisation of the sex industry in Western Australia.

We aim for social change, moving towards a day when sex workers are not discriminated against because of our occupation, and when we will no longer need to hide for being a present or past sex worker.
We believe that the first step in this battle is through law reform, and preventing the state from making our lives worse through law; however, we also seek to challenge media representations when and where sex worker issues are being discussed without sex workers’ voices.

What do we do?

  • Provide peer education and support to sex workers in WA.
  • Provide community education with the aim of reducing stigma.


  • Challenge media representations of sex workers.
  • Ensure sex workers voices are represented in discussions on sex worker issues
  • Lobbying for legislative change and decriminalisation in WA
  • Provide peer support and referrals to reduce the barriers for sex workers seeking support


  • Work towards legislation that does not negatively impact sex workers human rights
  • Advocate for decriminalisation as an evidence-based legislative approach that has the best outcomes for sex worker health and safety

Mission Statement

SWEAR aims towards legal and social change that provides all sex workers with their human rights.

SWEAR advocates for the full decriminalisation of sex work in WA. We recognise that decriminalisation is the evidence-based legal model that provides the best health and safety outcomes for sex workers. Decriminalisation is supported by sex workers worldwide and many national human rights and health organisations.

SWEAR challenges the stigma of sex workers through community education. We work towards social change, to a time where sex work is recognised as real, skilled work.

SWEAR remains a peer-only organisation to guarantee that sex workers can seek support and assistance from people with lived experience. We recognise the value of peer education.

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