SWEAR WA is Western Australia’s only completely peer sex worker organisation – run by sex workers, for sex workers!

Western Australia’s sex work laws are complex and confusing, with legislation split between 3 different bills, creating complex, confusing and potentially criminal ‘grey areas’ for sex workers. The potential introduction of draconian new laws under the Prostitution Bill in both 2011 and 2013 set to put WA sex workers in more restrictive, stigmatising and dangerous circumstances, with zero consultation with those it affects: the sex workers themselves.

A small group of sex workers united in opposing the Bill, and arising from the need to give WA sex workers a voice, formed People for Sex Worker Rights WA in early 2013, and rebranded in 2017 to SWEAR WA – Sex Work: Education, Advocacy & Rights.

What we do:

– Provide peer Education and support to WA sex workers of all diversities

– Provide referrals to sex worker friendly services, including a free STI clinic, legal and financial advice, and more

– Provide community education with the aim of reducing stigma surrounding sex work

– Host regular ‘sex worker only’ social events

– Run online ‘safe spaces’ for sex workers to connect and network

– Lobbying for legislative change and decriminalisation in WA

– Ensure sex workers voices are represented in decisions made on sex worker issues, and challenging media stereotypes of sex work

Want to help?

SWEAR WA is a completely volunteer- run peer organisation, and we are always looking for peers to help us achieve our aims.

If you are a current or past sex worker with a passion for sex worker rights and a few hours per month to spare, please contact us via email for more info.

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